Monday, February 22, 2010

Pre-Spawn Crappie Fishing On Lake Eufaula

It's said that anyone can catch Crappie on Lake Eufaula in the Spring. And this may be true because the Crappie can be found in less than 1 foot of water during the Spring all around Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. This gives everyone an equal chance to take home some slabs. It doesn't matter if you have a boat or not, you can catch just as many Crappie from the bank as a boat during the spring Crappie spawn.

However, if you've never been to this lake, then you should consider hiring a Lake Eufaula Crappie Fishing Guide before going. It's a huge lake, something like the 13th largest lake in the U.S. and it has over 600 miles of shoreline. A newbie could get him or herself lost easily if you don't know where you're going. Hiring a guide will get you into the fish in no time plus all the hard work will be done for baiting the rods, cleaning the boat, cleaning the fish and sacking them...etc.

Lake Eufaula is a favorite of many Crappie anglers because of the huge number of fish in the lake. Not only that, but you'll have a good chance at landing those coveted 2 lb. plus Crappie. Each year there are many caught that go over 3 pounds! No matter if you're after a freezer full of fillets or a trophy Crappie, Lake Eufaula is your best bet!

Fish at Lake Eufaula spawn in waves. The first wave will start around the full moon in Feburary and continue the next few months. Normally the last wave will spawn around the full moon in May. If you want the really slab Crappie's, go early and bring a coat.

Every year we catch huge slabs in the back of creeks way before most people start looking for them. It's a popular misconception that Crappie spawn when the water temps reach 55. Recent studies suggest it's the Moon phase, not the water temp, that triggers the first wave of spawners!

Siince Lake Eufaula sprawls over many counties, you should start your search in the Southern sections the earlier you go. It just seems the Crappie start spawning in mass in the creeks down around McAlester before the do other areas.

Also another thing to take into consideration when crappie fishing Eufaula lake is the weather. It's not uncommon to have freezing temps in March and April. A few years ago there we were catching Crappie during a late Spring snowstorm at the end of March!

High water conditions can also be expected during this time of year. It's the rainy season and don't be surprised to wake up one morning and find the quiet little creek you fished yesterday be a raging wall of water today due to overnight rains! Be prepared any time you fish Lake Eufaula for Crappie this time of year. This is just another advantage of hiring a Crappie fishing guide. They'll know where to go when the water gets off colored and hard to fish!

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