Monday, February 11, 2008

Crappie Fishing

Welcome to Crappie Fishing Tips!

This is the first post in what I hope to be a long successful blog about one of my favorite pastimes, crappie fishing!

There are lots of things crappies aren't. They aren't the hardest fighters. They aren't the most beautiful fish (although I think they beautiful when golden brown), they aren't the smartest fish nor are they the hardest to catch.

I'm not sure why I love Crappie so much, maybe because they are just a fun fish to catch!

There are scores of ways to catch Crappie. Most people fish for Crappie in the Spring time when they spawn. This is when you can literally fill the freezer with Crappie fillets! This is one of my favorite times as well. However I enjoy catching Crappie at other times of the year also, such as Summer, Fall and Winter.

It's these times that many people say Crappie are impossible to catch. I love proven these people wrong and I will be giving you some tips in the upcoming post that will show you how to catch Crappie year round. Crappie are a lot like other fish. They have to eat to live and they have to hide to keep from being eaten by bigger fish, like Flathead Catfish...another one of my personal favorites!

If you're just getting into fishing or Crappie fishing specifically, you won't need a lot of expensive gear. You can get outfitted very nice for under $100. This will include rod, reels, lures and accessories.

So stay tuned as I get ramped up to share some of my favorite Crappie fishing tips.

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