Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Crappie Fishing Tips

Fall is just around the corner. While most people are thinking about the upcoming hunting season, fall is a excellent time to think about Crappie fishing. These crappie fishing tips will help you locate the Crappie and put some fillets in your freezer for the Winter!

First, as the water cools in the Fall, Crappie will begin to move from their deep water Summer hangouts to relatively shallow water I typically find Fall Crappie in 6 to 12 feet of water. After the first good Fall cool front, look for Crappie at the first good drop off from the bank.

Fall Crappie can be very aggressive. You may have to experiment, but I like to find Crappie using jigs using either the Spider rigs or floating with corks. As I drift along the drop off, I'll put the corks at different depths until I find the Crappie.

As most of you know, the best time to go fishing in the Fall is just prior to a major cold front. This is the time you can find Crappie very shallow filling up their stomachs on everything from Shad to insects.

As the front passes, expect the Crappie to move back off the bank, possibly as far back to their deep water drop off.

If you're finding it hard to entice Crappie to bite, try minnows. When the Crappie get tight lipped, generally a Minnow in front of their face will be enough to trigget them into biting. I prefer small minnows and a slow drift to find post cold front Crappie.

Typically the cold temps after a Fall front doesn't last long. As the days warm up, you'll find the Crappie moving back shallow again. If the water is still a little cool, then start your search on a South facing bank and work your way out.

Once the Sun comes out and if there is a South wind, you'll find Crappie and other Gamefish prowling these warmer waters for baitfish.

This is the time a Spider rig can fill the boat with Crappie. In this situation Crappie are generally agressive and will gobble just about any offering down.

Now all you have to do is wait for that first Fall cold front to come barreling down from the North. Put these crappie fishing tips to good use and pull some slabs out of your favorite lake or river!


Gayland said...

Can anyone send me a picture of what a Spider rig looks like I have never seen one here in Maine.I would like to try one to see if it works on the Crappie here in one of our rivers in Maine before the season closes. Gayland
email mainelyfeathers@aol.com

leslie said...

Keep in mind that even though the crappie may be scattered out during the fall they will still move in close to shorelines and shallow waters. They can be found around structures such as weeds, rocks, ledges and in flooded stream channels. As winter approaches they will begin gathering together to form tight schools again.
Fall Crappie fishing techniques

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